Beta 3 release notes

Saman Bemel Benrud • May 29 2022

We just published another Wilderplace build to Steam. This is the last significant beta release we plan do before launch. We’ve started getting our launch plan together – check out the new webite and press kit. Thanks again to all the testers that have made these last few beta releases possible. Here’s a summary of what’s new in beta 3.


  • Make minor changes to certain groves to improve difficulty curve and pacing.
  • Fix minor typos and dialog issues.
  • Add secret area with secret monument.
  • Add butterfly appreciation.
  • Rename loggers to woodsmen.

Now with butterfly appreciation.


  • Rewrite gamepad handling to make moving with the analog stick more responsive.
  • Swap the positions of the undo and flee buttons on gamepad.
  • Adjusted game speeds: default speed is now slightly faster and the game’s fastest speed is slightly slower.


  • Redesign the monument to the mind reader’s overlay effect.
  • Minor spacing fixes to menu screens and HUD.

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue where the reset button in the top right was disabled if the player fainted.
  • Fix a bug with the positioning of the world map.
  • Fix issue where transition animation didn’t play correctly when resetting a board or changing boards when playing at the fastest speed.
  • Fix bugs caused by multiple toadmen on the same level.
  • Fix edge case bugs with the final boss’s entrance.


  • Add bounce animation when using the resonant talisman on stones.
  • Refine vignette and tint effects: they’re now much more subtle.


  • Rework spell and speech sound effects.
  • Add some missing sound effects.

What’s next?

We’re making the last few bug fixes and level design tweaks before launch. Stay tuned for a launch date announcement soon!

👋 Thanks!

Wilderplace can be wishlisted on Steam! The best way to keep up with the game’s development or request access to the Beta is to join the discord.